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Weekly Announcements • January 22

This Week at Trinity

Weekly Announcements • January 22

January 22, 2023

Sunday School

This week's lesson: The Parable of the Good Shepherd. “They know the sound of my voice. So when I call my sheep from the sheep hold, they follow me. I walk in front of the sheep to show them the way.”

I wonder who shows you the way?
I wonder if the Good Shepherd has ever called your name?
I wonder who you have helped show the way to?

This Week

  • Daily Compline, 8:00pm (The Book of Common Prayer, p. 127; click link to join)
  • Sun., January 22, Epiphany 3, Holy Eucharist, 10:00am
  • Sun., January 22, AA Meeting, 7:00pm
  • Mon., January 23, AA Meeting, 6:00am
  • Mon., January 23, AA Meeting, 5:30pm
  • Mon., January 23, Budget Preview (online via Zoom), 7:00pm
  • Tues., January 24, Centre Street Food Pantry open, 2:30–5:30pm
  • Wed., January 25, AA Meeting, 6:00am
  • Thur., January 26, AA Meeting, 7:00pm
  • Thur., January 26, AA Book Group, 8:00pm
  • Fri., January 27, AA Meeting, 6:00am
  • Sat., January 27, AA Book Group, 8:00am
  • Sat., January 28, David Nelson Memorial Eucharist, 11:00am

Looking Ahead

  • Daily Compline, 8:00pm (The Book of Common Prayer, p. 127; click link to join)
  • Sun., January 29, Epiphany 4, Holy Eucharist, 10:00am
  • Sun., January 29, Annual Meeting Part 2, following the Eucharist
  • Sun., January 29, AA Meeting, 7:00pm
  • Mon., January 30, AA Meeting, 6:00am
  • Mon., January 30, AA Meeting, 5:30pm
  • Tues., January 31, Centre Street Food Pantry open, 2:30–5:30pm
  • Wed., February 1, AA Meeting, 6:00am
  • Thur., February 2, AA Meeting, 7:00pm
  • Thur., February 2, AA Book Group, 8:00pm
  • Fri., February 3, AA Meeting, 6:00am
  • Sat., February 4, AA Book Group, 8:00am
  • Sat., February 4, Centre Street Food Pantry open, 11:30am–2:00pm

Memorial Eucharist at Trinity for David Nelson, January 28

A memorial service for parishioner David Nelson will be held Saturday, January 28 at 11:00 am. Please join us as we celebrate David’s life here in Trinity Parish as well as at the Parish of the Messiah. A luncheon reception will follow, and David’s photography will on display throughout Trinity's sanctuary, chapel, and parish house. Parking will be permitted on Homer and side streets, as well as in the Greek Evangelical Church parking lot across Homer Street. Masks will be required (and provided) for the service, which will also be livestreamed via Zoom.

Trinity Parish Annual Meeting – in Two Parts

Trinity Parish's 2023 Annual Meeting is taking place in two parts: the first in December, when elections were held, and the second on Sunday, January 29, 2023, when the Investment Committee will make its report and the Treasurer will present the 2023 budget.  There will also be a preview, held online, of the budget Monday, January 23, at 7:00pm, at which time questions will be answered by the Treasurer. To join the budget preview online, you will need to connect via Zoom (passcode, if needed, is available in the most recent E-weekly).

Trinity Parish Continues to Follow 'Mask Friendly' Protocols

The Trinity Parish Vestry voted in 2022 to go "mask friendly"; that is, unless otherwise indicated, masks are now optional at Trinity Parish. Please note that, pending further guidance from the Diocese and local infection rates, the church may in future return to requiring face coverings for in-person gatherings.

Pledging During a Pandemic

Thank you to all who continue to send in your pledge! Your faithfulness in keeping up your pledge helps Trinity Parish stay “in the black” during this time, and we are grateful. Pledges may be mailed to Trinity Parish at 11 Homer St., Newton Centre, MA 02459.

Centre St. Food Pantry Wish List

Located at 11 Homer Street in Newton Centre on the lower level of Trinity Church, the Pantry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a member of the Greater Boston Food Bank.  It is open most Tuesdays from 2:30–5:30pm and the first Saturday of each month from 11:30am–2pm.

New households are asked to fill out the Online Pantry Registration Form or print and fill out this paper form. If you live in Newton and wish to be added to the CSFP delivery list, send an E-mail with your name, phone number, city, and family size. If you live in Boston, click here to find resources available for those in need of food.

For Your Prayers

Please remember in your prayers: the Episcopal parishes of Newton, our clergy and people; the Centre Street Food Pantry, its clients and staff; Joseph, our President; Maura, our Governor; and Ruthanne, our Mayor.  Pray also for Joan and for peace and a return to calm in South Africa; for peace in South Sudan, the Palestinian territories, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen; comfort and care for all migrants and refugees; All Saints Anglican Church, Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal; the Khethani Christian Fellowship, Khethani Township, KwaZulu-Natal; B-READY Afterschool staff, teens, youth, and families; comfort and healing for Krista, Cynthia, and Rick; for the soul of Jack; for the soul of David.

Saints Calendar (For readings please see

  • Mon., January 23, Phillips Brooks, Bishop, 1893
  • Tues., January 24, Florence Li Tim-Oi, Priest, 1992
  • Wed., January 25, The Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle
  • Thur., January 26, Timothy and Titus, Companions of St. Paul
  • Fri., January 27, John Chrysostom, Bishop and Theologian, 407
  • Sat., January 28, Thomas Aquinas, Friar and Theologian, 1274

Click here for the Parish Calendar online

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