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All of us seek to return to God.

Such is the bold claim St. Gregory of Nyssa (335–395CE) makes in his commentary on the book of Genesis. The first thing we human beings saw when we opened our eyes, writes Gregory, was the face of God, inches away from ours, having just breathed into us the breath of life. And all human beings, whether we know it or not, remember that first vision of God's eyes looking into ours, God's arms holding us close. And we yearn to return to it. For Gregory, human life is a journey to return to God.  Jesus Christ, God's son, shows us the way.

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We at Trinity Parish invite you to journey with us. Through our weekly worship and learning groups, through the help of a supportive community, we will make known to you what we have seen and heard of Jesus Christ, and we will share with you the joy we have come to know through him.

Trinity Parish follows Christ in the paths of the Episcopal Church, a rich heritage that encourages curiosity and invites questions, that values beauty and joy, that is afraid neither of uncertainty nor silence, and that finds life in the tensions and spaces of God's mystery. Trinity Parish is a community that loves good music and good food, that is committed serving and helping those in need, and that strives to walk ever more closely with the Lord in our daily lives.

Come, let us show you the path we have found! And be our companion in the way. Together, we can return to the One whom all our hearts seek.

—The Rev. Todd Miller, Rector

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Spaces tell stories. And worship spaces tell stories about who we really might be.

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What to Expect

Where is Trinity Parish located?

Trinity Parish of Newton Centre is located at 11 Homer St. Newton, MA 02459. Find directions.

Where can I park?

Parking at Trinity is on-street; metered spaces are free on Sundays.

When should I arrive?

On Sundays, the Holy Eucharist begins at 10:00am; doors open 30 minutes prior.

What should I wear?

Whether you dress it up or come more relaxed, we will be happy to see you.

Do you offer children’s ministry?

Trinity offers Sunday School beginning at 9:45 am for ages 5 – 12.

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