Todd Miller






David DeLouise

In the year 2009, my mother remarried and moved to Newton Centre from NJ. In the summer of 2010, my wife and I came to visit. We wanted to go to an Episcopal Church like the one we went to in NJ. We felt very welcome here, and every summer during that week we went to Trinity. Now that we have moved to MA, we already have a Church.



Chelsea Bray

Developing an intimate relationship with God is not easy. Yet at Trinity, I have found a supportive community that has walked with me on this journey. This beautiful building and its people are my home.






Jeff DiIuglio

I have been a member of Trinity for over twenty two years. This is a wonderful community of diverse people, all of whom share their faith, warmth, and friendship.





Margaret Ronald

I originally came for the music and I continue to come to Trinity because of the welcoming, joyful atmosphere. I find a new resonance in tradition here, and I love how much my daughter has become part of the church.

I love the children’s hour and the music – and running laps during coffee hour! - Johanna, Age 2





Nathan Kohlmeier

I discovered Trinity after moving to Newton Centre from Vermont. I was captured by the liturgy which offers me the spiritual food I desire. Todd and the community are welcoming and offer opportunities for me to live my faith within the church but also to invigorate me to live my faith outside the Sunday service.





Tom Baynham

I began attending Trinity August, 2014 when I began my studies in the School of Theology at Boston University. I am attending because of the presence of welcome shown to me by Todd through our email conversation and the parish congregation. I have been blessed to share my gifts and receive the gift of welcome with the Trinity Parish community.




Karen Hilliard

I was baptized, confirmed and spent the first 18 years of my "formative" years at Trinity. A life long Episcopalian and participant of several Boston parishes, I returned 30 years later to visit for a memorial anniversary for my father who loved Trinity. I expected to visit, not join, and to my surprise I was drawn deeply into the beauty of the sanctuary, the liturgy and the music. It felt like coming home! I thoroughly enjoy Fr. Todd. Through his leadership Trinity has developed and perfected a nice balance of  the older Anglican tradition with a taste of the monastic contemplative style while remaining warm and diverse. I feel that deepening one's faith journey and relationship to God is enhanced by community. Weekly Eucharist sure does support, nourish and sustain my spiritual path which I find necessary to be a stronger and more present healer as a therapist.


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