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The journey to return to God is too long, too difficult, to do on our own. We need help. The covenant we enter into at Baptism affords us that help through the accountability and support of a community. Here, in the gathering of the Church and the baptismal vows we make, God offers us guidance, nurture and sustenance.

Candidates for Baptism may be of any age. If a candidate is an infant or child, Trinity Parish asks that at least one of the parents be a faithfully-attending, pledging member of Trinity for a minimum of six months prior to your child's Baptism. Should you as a parent wish to have the support of a small group as you prepare for your child's Baptism, Trinity's catechumenate process is open to you. Adults seeking Baptism are encouraged to enter the catechumenate process (click on the brochure to the right for more information). To speak further about Baptism, please contact Fr. Todd Miller.